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Ducks is a cool game! Your a green duck and there are orange ducks that need to get home in rockets. They all follow the green duck accept when there is a flying saucer (or a seagull or a snowman) :) going past. you need the right number of ducks in each rocket from 1 to 5. When the ducks die they explode in fountain of guts which is cool but you can turn that bit off if you want. The best thing in Ducks is the alien which walks round eating all the ducks and then belches. The spinning fans are cool too and well everything else.

If you haven't played Ducks it's sort of like Lemmings but with gore and better graphics and sounds but with no music. There is music on some levels through. There's a way of putting in your own graphics and sounds and levels in a system which works like Doom wads but better. It adds levels instead of replacing them.

This page is about the secret bits in Ducks like the cheat codes, the secret levels and the Easter eggs. It is also about the files which I have made for the game.

Ducks is a shareware game which means you can play the start of it for free but you get the all of the game just with lots of it locked.

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